Homewoodscreation Tips: Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment!

Homewoodscreation Tips: Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment!


Any single piece in your home can be an accent in your living area. Just don’t be afraid to experiment.First you need to complement the colors. light colors must go with the light color shades and the dark colors must go with the dark color shades. Also, try to experiment dark colors to light colors. Don’t be afraid to do it. Just make sure that the color will blend each other so that it won’t look scattered.

Have fun in collecting pillows or cushions. Make choices of colors that will always blend. Choose plain colors and with the design colors. Make sure that the center piece is dark color. if you have old decoration pieces, scattered them on the floor and arrange it as you want it to be. Always make experiment. Take a picture everytime you set your experiment and choose from there what is the best design.Old vase flowers can be also useful. So don’t throw it yet! You can match it to any old piece you have.

As you have noticed curtain color complements with the color of your cushions. The carpet must be in neutral color to blend with the flooring and the wall.

And the most important tip is this – To make your home look sophisticated and elegant – have some wood furniture pieces.

Hope it would help you a lot in decorating your home!

Until next time…

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