Amazing nurseries!

Amazing nurseries!

Are you now a Mom-to-be? If yes, we know that you’re too excited to see what your baby looks like! Others are saying I hope my baby looks like Brad Pit if male and Angelina Jolie if female.  And we know how much you want to hug and kiss your baby. They said having a baby is a “Blessing to us” no matter what it looks like, most important is it is given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. And the love of a Mother to her child is really incomparable… a Mother will do anything just to give all the needs of her children and make him/her happy.

 So now, We know that you’re excited to design your nursery room! And we would like to share with you some creative designs and for sure you gonna love this one!! 


Nursery room#1

The neutral color of the wall (beige) matches the color of the baby crib (Wenge). The crib size is 28×52 And it is made of hardwood material. The crib is adjustable into three levels and you can also replace it into small railing when he/she grows already. The bookshelf approximately 6ft in height perfect storage and space saver for the baby’s clothes , books, shoes and toys. You may place shelves in the wall above the crib and some picture frames, toys but be careful it might fall to your baby’s head. Make sure that the depth of the shelves is wide to avoid any accident that might occur. 


Nursery room#2

I love the hues of orange and white! They said “You can’t go wrong with white!” so you may match any colorful shade to white. They said its so nice and creative if you can play in combining the colors. There’s a console table in the photo you may place your baby’s blanket, bed sheet, clothes etc. made of solid wood and that makes the item durable.


 Nursery room #3

Love the pattern. It makes the room more attractive and playful. There is a changing table in the photo wherein

You may change your baby’s diaper there without hassle. 

You may create your own design according to your creativity or consult a designer. We know that you wanted to give a best nursery room for your baby and we are very much willing to help you in your needs. Just emails us at


oh by the way fellas! We have on going sale!Image



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