Homewoodscreation Tips: Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment!

Homewoodscreation Tips: Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment!


Any single piece in your home can be an accent in your living area. Just don’t be afraid to experiment.First you need to complement the colors. light colors must go with the light color shades and the dark colors must go with the dark color shades. Also, try to experiment dark colors to light colors. Don’t be afraid to do it. Just make sure that the color will blend each other so that it won’t look scattered.

Have fun in collecting pillows or cushions. Make choices of colors that will always blend. Choose plain colors and with the design colors. Make sure that the center piece is dark color. if you have old decoration pieces, scattered them on the floor and arrange it as you want it to be. Always make experiment. Take a picture everytime you set your experiment and choose from there what is the best design.Old vase flowers can be also useful. So don’t throw it yet! You can match it to any old piece you have.

As you have noticed curtain color complements with the color of your cushions. The carpet must be in neutral color to blend with the flooring and the wall.

And the most important tip is this – To make your home look sophisticated and elegant – have some wood furniture pieces.

Hope it would help you a lot in decorating your home!

Until next time…

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The kind of blinds I would want for my bedroom

I woke up today feeling so cold.. its like Im not in the mood to go to work but hey! i have to! hahah because my boss might kill me if I do that! . When I check the window of my room i was very saddened that the clouds were too dark and i felt the heavy rain is approaching and I’m not prepared coz i have no umbrella nor a  rain coat to protect myself going to work.

When I opened our television, it was reported that there will be a powerful typhoon that is coming to our country! As they said there will be giant waves, floods and landslides so to my fellow countrymen please be extra careful especially to those people who are living near seaside or in the mountains. If you guys were instructed to evacuate please do for you own safety!

Anyways… even though its a very cold weather and our aircon were still in a high motion (i guess my workmates don’t care even its too cold! i was actually freezing right now.. grrrrrrr!!)  still I’m excited to share with you folks my  ideas about bedroom blinds ideas.

There are different style of blinds  which is an ideal window treatment for creating privacy in a bedroom, while still being able to allow some natural light into the room.

Timber venetian blinds

We have here Timber venetian blinds are used here to filter light during the day and create privacy at night (especially if you have cuddle buddy! yohoo!). There are decorative side curtains at the windows, so the timber venetian blinds are the only form of privacy at night.

Micro Blinds

here we go… we have here Micro blinds are used in this bedroom so the look stays light and airy ( You may put a very thin white cotton or linen curtain in front of it). They are softened by the use of sheers on a casement heading threaded through a decorative rod and held back by a tieback. 

Colored roller blinds
Colored blinds with side curtains

Colored roller can blinds used in this bedroom, privacy is only required at night and the curtains are only decorative side curtains. You may choose a dark shade of curtain if your wall is beige, gray, brown etc. If your wall is in lighter shade you should choose a cream color for the side curtain or white if possible. 

Lots of different window treatments in bedroom. From left to right, louver blind on a small window. Roman blind or shade between the beds and a pinoleum blind at the large window. This is used to filter light and privacy, as the main curtains can be drawn at night.

Palladian window with blinds and side curtains

Interesting combination of blinds and curtains for these palladian windows in the bedroom. The top curve has been left exposed and the blinds attached at the top of the rectangle window. The decorative rod has been attached well above the windows, so that we get to see the detail of the lovely palladian windows. so don’t worry fellas if you have this kind of window every interior designer knows how to deal with this kind of structure.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog! by the way we offer interior design services! Please do check our site!

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